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Executive Director | Lead Clinician


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Hello, I am Ashley Adam, LCSW the Executive Director and Lead Clinician at Intentional Growth Behavioral Health Services, PLLC.

I have nearly 5 years of experience in providing direct empathetic care to clients while practicing psychotherapy. I'm passionate about psychotherapy and being a support to individuals who may be going through life adjustments, challenges, transitions or, would simply like extra support.

I am competent in working with individuals from different backgrounds, races, and ages. However, I absolutely love working with children.

I received my undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Social Work from North Carolina Central University. Afterwards, I completed the Advanced Standing Masters of Social Work program at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. In addition, I am also a rostered Trauma Focused and Cognitive Behavioral clinician with the NC Child Treatment Program. Within a month of graduating from my master’s program, I began my career in psychotherapy where I am now able to put everything that I’ve learned to use for the empowerment and improvement of the lives that I come in contact with.

From that point, I have had no regrets only wonderful joys and memories of knowing that I am able to make a difference in the lives of others

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